In 1994 while visiting his relatives in Finland, a cousin introduced him to a music production software called Screamtracker. Jezper was so intrigued with this piece of software that he convinced his cousin to make a floppy disk copy of the software to bring with him home.

As a boy scout Jezper left for a weekend of camp school in 1995. At the closing party for that weekend, a DJ was playing some new kind of dance music previously unknown to Jezper. He just had to ask what this music was. He doesn’t remember what the DJ said the style was called, but the DJ was kind enough to write down two of the tracks he had played on a piece of paper. Those two tracks were Age Of Love – Age Of Love and RMB – Matisse.

When Jezper came home he directly went to the record store to look these two tracks up. The store obviously didn’t have any of them in stock, but they had a big catalogue you could use to look up records you’d like to import. He found three albums that he decided to just take the chance and order totally unheard. Those records were Emmanuel Top – Early Works, RMB – This World Is Yours and a compilation called Mayday – The Raving Society.

Finding instant love in this kind of music he went on to look up more artists that had featured on that Mayday compilation and also checking out other compilations that featured those artists. His collection of CDs with this music is by now very big. It stretches from Happy Hardcore, Rave Mission, Thunderdome, Reactivate, all the Mayday collections and many more.

While this transition in music taste was happening he went from Amiga to PC and found a new haven in the software Fasttracker. He stuck to this software until the end of 1999 even though he had mad some early Cubase training while studying video and radio production in school.

Four days into the new millenium Jezper moved from the swedish west coast city Gothenburg to the east coast city Stockholm, capital of Sweden, for a new job. With his first pay check he bought himself a brand new synth, a Yamaha CS2x. By that purchase, Jezper also decided to try and do some more serious producing to maybe one day sign something to a label. With this purchase he also had to leave the tracker based software behind and began working with Cubase.

A great number of tracks were made over the next year and a half and by that time a new software on the market started to make ripples online and his close friend Tommie couldn’t stop talking about it. Believing hardware was the way to success, it took a while for Jezper to give this new software a chance. This software was Propellerheads Reason. And once he finally gave Reason a chance, realising its potential, things happened fast.

Within 6 months Jezper had produced and signed his first record; Airbase – Emotion and quickly started to sign new material to other labels as well. New to the scene, he ended up with new aliases for every label he signed with, so you might have heard his tracks even though you weren’t aware of it. Some of his aliases used are Airbase, Scarab, Transic, Crimton, Jezper, Ozone, J, Jezper Soderlund, Rah, Mono, Moon, One Man Army, Parc, JLND and JZ.

Since this start, he’s been signed to labels such as Black Hole, Platipus, Armada, Gesture Music, Fundamental, Intuition, Alphabet City, Afterglow and many more. He’s released over 20 records and made over 50 remixes and has had great success with constant support from the absolute elite of todays trance Djs. He co-wrote the Sensation Anthem Belgium 2004 together with his brother André (First & Andre – Widescreen).

With all the success as a producer, DJ bookings started to drop in. Luckily Jezper was prepared after spending 4 years as a pub/bar DJ. Getting bookings related to his releases gave Jezper the opportunity to play the music he really loves instead of serving old 70′ies disco hits.

He’s had the pleasure of playing in places like America, England, Israel, Ibiza, Finland, Poland, Holland, Scotland, Rumania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland and many other places. He’s been playing great venues and parties like Trance Energy, Mysteryland, Privilege Ibiza, Passion UK and O2 Arena London among others and many more to come.

Jezper’s committed to give his all as a producer and DJ and has already come a long way. But like most people, he wants more, so one thing is definitely for sure; Jezper is here to stay and he’s gonna do whatever it takes to please his fans.