A lot of records and a lot of remixes, I can tell you. I won’t even try to collect them all in one perfect list, especially when the people over at Discogs does such a good job of it already. So if you want to check out every single little piece of music that I’ve been involved in, you should definitely go to the Airbase Discogs page.

That said, you might be here to check out some of my work, and boy are you in for a treat. On the right hand side of this page, you have one hell of a long list of tracks and remixes. It’s pretty much a complete list of all my work. I didn’t bother sorting out the really old and crappy stuff. That’s the whole deal, from my very best work down to my very worst.

If you’re into Spotify streaming, you’ll find quite a bunch of my work at the Airbase Spotify page.

If you’re still all about purchasing your music song by song or album by album, you can ofcourse grab anything you like on either iTunes or Beatport or basically any store of your choice.