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A single, constantly updated, post with the latest going on in my studio. On the right hand side, you’ll always have the latest productions (at least that I am able to share with you).


jezperLatest productions

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  1. Michael

    Please remix “Scooter – Trance Atlantic”

    I have wanted this for over two years now. I must hear it before I die.

  2. Diablo

    Hey Jezper, you should release your unreleased track -City People. Its on youtube already, but it’s one of the best climatic tracks you ever made :)
    Be sure to play it in Zandvoort, that party will be the best :)

  3. Fry

    The transition in “Dan Lea – Lost In The Sun” — around 02:35 — is wicked sick! Keep up the great work!

    - Fry

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