A new start

Trance music has been in my blood for over 20 years. Sometimes we’ve been madly in love. Sometimes we’ve hated each other. Inspiration, competition and expectations can be cruel companions to producers, and they got the best of me. So I needed time. Clearing my mind for the last couple of years was good for me. Finding new things to enjoy. New hobbies, new music, other things to focus on.

And then the itch came. Slow at first, growing bigger by the minute, and now I can barely contain it. So why should I?

So it’s time for a new start. A new beginning. Building on what has been, without repeating myself. Let’s see where it takes me. You’ll definitely hear it’s Airbase, but I can’t promise where it goes or how it will sound, and that’s kind of exciting, isn’t it?

See you on the other side. See you in 2021.


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